Why do I Bullet Journal?

One of the types of posts that I do on this blog is bullet journal spreads and bullet journal related things. In this post, I thought I would tell you how I discovered bullet journaling and why I stuck with it.

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The basic concept of bullet journaling is a rapid logging system that allows you to organize your thoughts and your days pretty efficiently. Essentially, you write down your tasks and check them off when you are finished, it’s an expanded checklist. To read more about the basics of the system click here. The original system is very minimalist and utilitarian.

I discovered this system through Pinterest. Because of this, I was introduced to the more artsy side of this planning system first. These pictures intrigued me, so I looked into it because I needed to get more organized. I was the type of person who would buy a planner and put in a drawer never to be used again. The most interesting thing that I found about this system is that you start out with a blank notebook which allows you to customize the system to your own needs. You can add trackers if you want, you can add monthly, weekly, or daily planners, or all three. It is very flexible.


I started this system in July 2016 in preparation for my fall semester of sophomore year in a small hardcover sketchbook. I found that I wanted to use my planner because I had spent time making pages. The real test came when I went back to school and my days were busy again. When all was said and done, I kept using it and still do to this day.


So why do I keep using this system?

  • It’s flexible

I can make this journal fit my life in any way I need it to. If I need to skip a week of planner pages, I don’t feel guilty because I’m wasting pages.

  • I actually consistently use it

Because I create the pages myself, I’m more inclined to use it.

  • Checking tasks off is oddly satisfying.

No matter how small the task is, I always feel really good about checking it off.


So how am I using this system now? Well, I have switched to using a traveler’s notebook with multiple inserts, one for my overall planner, one planner that I will use only for my junior studio class, a notebook for other spreads, and a sketchbook. I have also been getting into binding my own notebooks to use. I am planning a post that focuses on that so I won’t go into to much detail right now.

Bullet Journaling is the perfect organization system for me. Do you bullet journal? If you don’t what system have you found works for you, if any? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Why do I Bullet Journal?

  1. I have been reading a lot of your bullet journal posts. I was inspired and started my own! Although, I try to make my own pages sometimes I end up being lazy and just use a few printtables too! I have been loving it though! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the amazing work.


    1. Thank you! Printouts work just as well the hand done layouts – I’m using a monthly calendar printout in the planners I’m binding because I have trouble measuring out even squares.


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