My Top 5 Podcasts

Podcasts are one of my favorite things to listen to when I am doing studio work or am in a class with a lot of downtime where we are working (ie drawing, painting, etc.). They are entertaining, educational (usually), and keep the same general tone about them. The last part, in particular, is helpful to me when I’m doing work because it keeps me more concentrated. If I listen to my music on shuffle one minute I could be jamming out to Hamilton and the next listening to a Disney song, which distracts me for a moment when I register the change.

My favorite podcasts are generally educational, but most offer some sort of humor or storytelling to break the monotony of the academia.

pablo (21)

Art Podcasts:

A.R.T Artists Real Talks – This program talks to artists in various disciplines about how they bring their creations from conception to reality. It’s really nice to hear the varied ways these artists work, especially when you have an artist block.

National Gallery of Art: Audio – This program offers a look at the history of the art they have on display. They also have podcasts on exhibits that they house and talks from various curators, artists, authors, and historians. There really is something for any art lover on this podcast. I’m particularly partial to the printmaking podcasts.

Myth and Folklore Podcasts:

Celtic Myth Podshow – This podcast is mainly a storytelling show that focuses on Celtic myths. So far this show has completed the Irish mythological cycle. It is now focusing on the Welsh Mabinogi and has completed its first branch. The show also holds specials on various holidays that feature music, myths and legends, and interviews with artists.

Story Archaeology Podcast – This podcast focuses on Irish myth exclusively. In each podcast, they take a single story and analyze it according to the known history of the time, the meanings of the characters names, and many other details in the myth. This makes the myth so much richer and, at least for me, much more enjoyable. The potential dryness of the material is mitigated by the hosts who are passionate about what they do and entertaining as well.

The Folklore Podcast – This podcast is presented by the Folklore Society and covers a range of topics under the umbrella of folklore. Their first episode covered the evolving mythos of Slenderman and another covered the folklore that influenced the witch trials in Europe. This show comes out on the 1st and 15th of every month. On the 1st, the host offers hos own research on a particular folklore subject and on the 15th, he interviews a guest on a particular folklore subject. Like Story Archaeology it has the potential to be dry, but the host’s passion for his subject and his occasional humor keeps this from happening.


Podcast are a great way to learn something while also getting something done whether that is washing the dishes, doing art, or even gardening. I’m partial to art and myth podcasts, but am always looking for new podcasts to try. Do you have any favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments!


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