The Feather Fund

I thought I would take today to tell you about one of my favorite organizations, The Feather Fund.

Pony Penning is an annual event in Chincoteague, VA that raises money for the Fire Company, who maintains the VA side of Assateague’s pony herd. Every Pony Penning, the Fire Company holds an auction of the foals who are born on the island. Many are sold to the people at the auctions, and other foals are kept to maintain the herd and the right to name them is auctioned off.

The Feather Fund began as a way for Carollynn Suplee to give back after she had survived brain cancer. During her ordeal, Carollynn kept receiving feathers as a sign that she would be okay. The first pony was bought for Lois Szymanski and her family,. The pony was named Sea Feather after the feather-like marking on its back. This tradition continued until 2003 when Carollynn’s cancer came back and she passed away,

Lois and the Feather Fund took up the helm of purchasing ponies for deserving children in 2004 and has been going strong since then. If you want to read the complete founding story of this organization, click here.

I really love the goals of this organization. As a child having a horse can teach you many practical and emotional skills.

The main fundraiser takes place on the Tuesday of Pony Penning week. It is an auction whose main draw is model horses that are painted like the ponies on the island.


It has been growing every year and includes many other items such as a quilt that features the stallions on the island. 11822736_964143820274909_2051281520417789016_n


This is honestly one of the coolest organizations I’ve come across. I encourage you to support them in any way you can. To learn more click here.


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