20 Things I Learned Before I Was 20

Wow! I can’t believe that tomorrow I turn 20. To celebrate this fact, I’m going to do a fun little list of 20 things I learned before I was 20. Here we go!

  1. Be your authentic self

I know this is kind of cliche but it’s true. For a lot of my childhood, especially my teenage years, I was trying to be who I thought the world wanted me to be and that person didn’t really make me happy. I’m still growing and changing, but I accept myself how I am and I don’t try to force myself into a box that I don’t fit into.

2.  Get Messy!

Whether it’s when you’re cooking, painting, gardening, etc. a little mess is good for the soul.

3.  Don’t Compare Yourselves to Others

This applies to all aspects of life. There is never going to be a person with the exact same circumstances as you, even if you have siblings. This means everyone is going to be different. Don’t compare yourself to others because you will never reach that standard because you will never be them. Instead, take a look at your skill set and set goals based on that.

4.  Everyone is Creative – No Matter what They Say

Creativity does not just apply to fine arts. It applies to everyday life. Good at cooking? You’re creative. Good at organizing things? You’re creative. Good at writing papers the day they are due? You’re creative.

5.  It’s OK to Not Have Your Driver’s Licence before You Graduate High School

Everyone sees this as a right of passage and puts pressure on teens to drive for the sake of driving. However, this is a big responsibility and some teen may want more time to practice. This is ok because everyone is different and takes different amounts of time to become comfortable with new things.

6.  Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Least Once a Month

If you stick to whatever that makes you comfortable all day, every day, you will never grow. Instead, you will stagnate. Getting out of your comfort zone is important to your growth as a person.

7.  Be Assertive

Sometimes being assertive is the only way to be noticed. This may be hard to do, especially if you are introverted. However, being assertive may sometimes be the only way to get your voice heard. This may be out of your comfort zone, but it’s an important skill to have.

8.  It’s OK to Not Have a Significant Other

I will always remember the advice of my art teacher to not date seriously until you have a stable income, so one person does not become financially reliant on the other. You do not go to school to find a SO, you go there to learn, so some may decide to focus on education rather than a relationship. Some people also prefer to be single.

9.  If you Think you Know the Answer, Answer the Question

Don’t be afraid to be wrong, just answer the question. Either way, you’ll learn something.

10.  Take Constructive Criticism with a Grain of Salt

These people are trying to help you, but you do have the ability to decide whether to apply it or not. Only you know what you are aiming for in your project.

11.  It’s OK to Like Nerdy/Weird Things

It’s not a bad thing to like different things.

12.  Indulge Your Creativity

Whether that means cooking, painting, gardening, etc, do something creative. It helps you wind down and destress.

13.  Do Not Complain About Your Skill Set – Do Something About it Instead

If you feel you are lacking in a skill set, don’t complain about it. Do something to teach yourself the skill, enroll in a class or find videos to teach yourself the skill. Don’t complain do something about it.

14.  Put Yourself Out There

Have you ever heard that knowing the right people helps get you ahead in life? Well, its true. Put yourself out there and make connections. You never know when it’s going to come in handy.

15.  Make Sure to Take You Time

You need to recharge and relax sometimes. Remember that.

16.  Travel!

Make sure to travel. Whether it’s in the country or out of the country, make sure to see new places.

17.  Wear Makeup or Don’t – You do You

Don’t let people put pressure on you either way. Embrace your style and you do you.

18.  Don’t Put Your Entire Life Out on Social Media

I know it is the thing to do, but remember that it’s going to be out there forever. Also, keep in mind that many people only put out the good things in their to give the illusion of the perfect life.

19.  Hobbies are Important

They help you relax and keep your mind off of work for a time.

20.  Failure is a Part of Growing – Embrace it

Many believe that failure is the end of the world. It’s not. It’s a sign of growth, if you never fail, you never grow and besides, perfection from the start is boring.


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