Guest Post: My First Art Exhibit

By Kristian Beverly

Kristian Beverly is a college student from central PA. She may be an english major but still enjoys art, miniatures and horses. 

The art exhibit was awesome.

In January, one of my professors approached me to see if I’d be interested in contributing artwork to an exhibit she was putting together. The answer I gave was yesyesyesyesyes and since I really didn’t have recent 2D work I showed my miniature work. The whole blog spot about the pre-work can be found here.

The exhibit opened on the first Friday of February. It was called 15:65 15 Black female Artists. It was my first time doing anything of the sort so I was a bit nervous. How should I act? What do I do? Should I stand by my work the whole time? Will people even look at my stuff? What if I’m underdressed even though there isn’t a dress code?  All of these things bounced around in my head because I wanted to make a good impression.

Here are my pieces for the exhibit. I made everything but the horses. It was interesting to explain to people my hobby, such as the  how I got into it, and why. It’s a question I never  really asked myself. I just always have. So it was nice to have to actually give an answer. I loved the look of the professional tack and how intricate the details were, but they were out of my price range. Or some tack things were not mass produced, so I started making my own. The early pieces were a hot mess, but after years of trial and error I feel like I have improved a great deal.

The art exhibit was a range of ages. A variety of experiences were brought and it showed in the styles of art. Art can be such a solitary activity so it was nice to hear how others create their art and the supplies and methods they use to do so.

Here’s some of the artists that showed up on the first Friday. I’m the second one from the left!

The curator of the exhibit, Ophelia Chambliss, also had art in the show. (In the above picture she is on my right, or the third one in from the left).She was interviewed my a local York newspaper about the art exhibit. She saw a need in the community and decided to try to help change the narrative. Here’s the full article.

I was nervous about people not coming, but they did. Lots of people weaved through the gallery. Plenty asked questions, and I had no issue answering them.

I enjoyed this opportunity, and would definitely do it again. It was an incredible experience.


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