Bullet Journal: Finding a Planner Spread that Works

This year my bullet journal changed sizes. My previous one was wider, and more book like because it was a hardbacked sketchbook. A Midori style traveler’s notebook is longer and thinner than what I had used before. This made it necessary for me to find a new planner spread that worked for that size.


The first thing I considered was what my bullet journal style was. What type of spreads do I prefer? One way to do this, especially if you are just starting out is to check out what types of spreads you’ve liked on instagram or pinned on Pinterest. Do you prefer the more elaborate spreads that use materials like watercolor, stickers, and washi tape to create designs? Do you prefer the more minimalist spreads that focus on clean lines and often only use one color? Or do you fall in the middle like I do, preferring to add some design elements but still keeping relatively clean?

The next thing to consider is what types of planner pages you need. Do you need a monthly view, weekly view, and daily view? Or just a monthly and weekly view? If you are just starting out it might take a few spreads to figure it out, but do whatever works for you! I personally make a cover page for each month and then just do weeklies.


Another thing that you might want to consider is if you want to track anything weekly. If you do, make sure to allow enough room for that tracker in your spread. I track my daily water intake, so I have two trackers, one for each week and one for each month in another section of my journal.


One more thing to consider is how you want to transition into the next month. Are you going to split up your weekly spread? Or just continue as you have been the rest of the month? I’m going to try splitting my weekly up this month.


Remember to do what works for you! Not every spread has to be a work of art, and not every month has to use the same spread! Keep your journal flexible and it will grow with you.


7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal: Finding a Planner Spread that Works

  1. I just started really getting into bullet journaling, but I agree that a balance of decoration and functionality is the best. I am particularly fond of checklists, so I dedicate one page per day (in a med. size moleskein) to the day.


  2. Cool! I love how each bullet journal can be unique to the person that uses it! I have definitely grown to appreciate creating my own trackers and planners in my bullet journal, and I know in the time to come I’ll love looking at some of my pages from the past to jog my memory!


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