How to Find Good Deals on Art Supplies

You don’t…

Kidding, kidding. Art supplies are expensive, especially the very good quality ones. Thus, it becomes necessary to search for deals. The three main services I use to get art supplies are Amazon, Michaels, and Dick Blick.



Amazon is usually where I order art supplies when I can. I have Prime Student so I can get two day shipping for free. I use Amazon when I know I need products within the next week or two, and always take advantage of two day shipping. I often use Amazon to buy the items I’m going to reference from in my artwork, as well. For example I bought LED pillar candles for my painting final this semester. Amazon is also where I usually find the best deals on art supplies.

To help me find the best deals I use an app called Honey. It looks for coupon codes and applies all of the ones it can find at checkout. On Amazon, it also shows you if there are other sellers offering better deals, and what bonuses that seller offers (prime eligible, ect.) This app also offers cash back at qualified stores.

Interested in joining Honey? Click here to sign up and I’ll get a reward too.


I usually shop here when I’m home, because there isn’t one within walking distance where I go to school. Michaels usually has really good coupons in the newspaper or on their app. You can also look to see if they have any coupons on their website by either city or zipcode.

They also have frequent sales so I highly recommend joining their newsletter. Every so often they have Prismacolors discounted 50% so that’s when I stock up on those. I haven’t ordered anything online from them that I can remember, so I can’t speak to those experiences.

Dick Blick…

I’ve shopped both online and in store for this one. In store is usually a little bit more expensive than online, but shipping usually evens those prices out. This store carries many higher end art brands, and has a larger selection of product than craft stores like Michael’s and AC Moore.

They have annual sales, two that I can think of are during back to school and holiday shopping time. To be informed of when sales are happening, I would recommend signing up for their newsletter. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to sign up for their Blick Prefered card. They scan the card at checkout and if the price is cheaper online, that’s what you pay!


The biggest piece of advice that I could give you when buying art supplies, if it is a medium that you’ve never tried before, is to buy the medium quality supplies. They are usually decent quality and fairly affordable. This allows you to figure out if you like working in that medium without breaking the bank. If it is something you really like doing go for the higher quality supplies!

I hope this helps you save some money the next time you shop for supplies!


12 thoughts on “How to Find Good Deals on Art Supplies

  1. So true! Arts supplies can definitely add up, and it can be expensive if it’s just a hobby (like me). Thanks for these tips, I’ll definitely be using them on my next art endeavour.


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