Setting up my New Bullet Journal

I started my first bullet journal this July. It’s been a lifesaver so far, especially during this semester when I had seven classes. I usually can remember everything that I need to do but this allows me to have it written down and in front of me. This in turn lowers my stress level, because I don’t worry that I’ve forgotten something.

This Christmas I got a traveler’s journal. It’s awesome! I have it set up so I have several notebooks. Two dot grid journals, one for my monthly and weekly planner spreads and one for my other types of spreads, such as an exercise tracker and a reading list. I also have a blank journal and line journal to function as a sketchbook

Here are some examples of my planner spreads. I track one or two habits weekly. This time it’s water intake

This year I want to track the books and articles I read. Here is the spread I’m using to do that.

Throughout the rest of the year I’ll be posting various spreads that I’ve created, and maybe even some videos of me creating them.


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