A Month of Studies

Need some motivation to up your sketchbook practice? Join me for this month long challenge.

How to Unwind After Final Crits

Ahhhhhh….It’s been a week since my first big departmental crit, and I still feel like I have to go back to school on Monday! After scrambling to meet deadlines and to learn everything we can for an entire semester, Winter Break is a needed time to relax and unwind (because let’s face it, fall and…

Art School FAQ

Wondering about art school? Here’s some answers to questions that I am often asked.

My Trip to Salem, MA

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. This summer I was able to travel to Salem, MA. I thought that I would share some pictures from the trip. That’s all for now! I’m currently working on a post answering all questions about going to art school. Let me know any questions y’all may…

Some Photos from this Semester

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while, this semester has been busy! I have a few posts planned for the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for those. Today, I thought I would show you some of the photography that I have been doing this semester. A Comparison God’s Eye…

Salt Dough Clay

Hey, everyone! Today’s blog post is on making your own art supplies. Today, we are focusing on making our own clay and using a salt dough clay recipe. Using this clay you can create a sculpture, jewelry, or vessel (that is not used for anything edible). On to the recipe! If you bake these items…

The Feather Fund

The Feather Fund is a great organization that helps children’s horse fueled dreams come true. Read more about them here.